The Church in Lafayette

About the Church in Lafayette

The church in Lafayette, Indiana warmly welcomes you. We are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who have personally received Him as our Savior. He is the most excellent and enjoyable Person. We love Him and endeavor to give Him the first place in all things. We rejoice to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus, God's Son, born again of the Father's divine life, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

We highly treasure the Holy Bible as God's revelation of Himself and of His eternal purpose. We hold the common faith which is revealed in the Bible and is common to all genuine believers.

As is true of all believers in Christ, we are members of His one Body, the church. In order to practice the oneness of the Body with all the Christians in Lafayette, we meet as the church in Lafayette. We are in fellowship with over 2,000 local churches worldwide to express the one Body of Christ.

History of the Church

The Lord’s genuine testimony has existed in Lafayette, since 1989. As a result of prayer and fellowship in the Body of Christ, saints in the area are burdened for the further building up and strengthening of the Lord’s testimony here.

Over the last 25 years, dear saints with open homes have labored here and borne remaining fruit, particularly from the Purdue University campus. A number of international students and scholars from Purdue have been saved and baptized and have gone on to bear responsibility in churches around the globe. Today, approximately 15-20 saints meet regularly on the campus and in nearby homes for the Lord’s table, prayer and fellowship.

Although the meeting life has been centered on the Purdue campus, and this has been profitable for the Lord’s interests, our fresh realization today is that the Lord needs to expand beyond the campus. Our prayer is that the Lord would reap a harvest of “typical Americans” from the communities of Lafayette and West Lafayette, as well as the Purdue campus, and that many more could be brought into the church life and become normal functioning members in the Lord’s Body.